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You understand business English, but you want an online or hybrid course in a small group with your coworkers …
You need your presentation, manual, catalogue or contract to be written in a different language…
The participants or presenters of your webinar or quality internal audit speak a foreign language. We have the solution…
You prefer your own online business English course with a flexible teacher who adapts to your schedules and needs.
When you have plans to expand geographically, you want to speak the local language: Spanish, French and Portuguese…
Your next global videoconference is scheduled soon, would you like to impress your boss with your level of English?
With the acquisition of new equipment, a foreign expert is training your technicians. Our interpreters will be there…
Your HR department wants to receive reports to assess the online English program provided by your company…
With the support of a professional translator your website will reach more potential customers…
You need to communicate through a foreign language in board meetings, governmental negotiations and visits. An AHPLA interpreter will be there…
You may rest assured that our translators will guarantee your patents, policies, and catalogues will be expressed in another language…
You need to translate enormous volumes of information in different languages in record time …

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What our clients say

“The AHPLA English course is excellent. AHPLA provides the professional service which makes us feel important.”

Graciela Carrillo

“AHPLA has consistently demonstrated its dedication and professionalism as a formal interpreting company. Based on my experience, I wholeheartedly recommend AHPLA for all English-Spanish-English interpreting projects.”

Elias Leal

“A big thank you to AHPLA’s simultaneous interpreters. The participants of the event said the simultaneous interpretation service was spectacular.”    


Leticia González, Advisor

“AHPLA´s characteristics are service and punctuality.”

Julia Rico

We have consistently received outstanding Spanish-English interpretation services from AHPLA. Their team is not only friendly, but also highly efficient and committed. They handle our requests with utmost professionalism, ensuring prompt and satisfactory resolution on every occasion.”

Benjamin Gutierrez

“The deal I receive at AHPLA is excellent & the translations I receive are fast & efficient.”

Paty Larracilla

“The quality of the equipment & interpreting service greatly surpassed my expectations.”

“AHPLA always responds and addresses our needs.”

Cecilia Martínez

“Definitely the best experience I’ve had studying English. Tere Horn, the best teacher. Thank you very much for helping me to improve my English skills immensely. I wish you all the best and hope to see you again!!!”

Gabino Cortes

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