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An interpreter has a unique job

While translators convert written information from one language to another, interpreters help you understand verbal communications. An interpreter facilitates verbal communication in real time among people who speak different languages. An interpreter assists you when you have conversations over the phone, in person, or via video remote interpreting.

Language interpreters must possess a sophisticated skills set

Interpreters need to be proficient in two or more languages and have an in-depth understanding of language intricasies and cultures for the intended audience. Additionally, interpreters typically need to develop a high level of expertise in the industry for which they’re working, as well as the specialized vocabulary, systems and terminology associated with it. For instance, typically interpreters study specific terminology in the medical, legal, or business fields, in order to provide a professional language interpretation service.

At AHPLA, we empower our customers to communicate effectively with their clients, counterparts and constituents who speak a different language. Our customers receive fast, reliable and accurate language interpretation services onsite, over-the-phone, or via other remote connection through our avant-guard platforms. Our customers receive interpretation services in person and remotely in over 100 languages in the following fields:

Remote interpretations

When it comes to critical communications in emergency rooms, aviation, courtrooms, board rooms, governmental negotiations and visits, presentations of new products or audits, there is no room for misunderstandings. AHPLA’s remote interpreters allow you to interact in a foreign language through a computer, phone, or other device when on-site interpretation is not convenient, safe or available.

When you schedule our remote interpretation services you are connected you with a qualified interpreter making use of any of the following modalities: over-the-phone or remote interpretation services with our platform. Our interpreters are highly experienced professionals with expertise in a vast array of industries.


A deposition is a sworn, out-of-court testimony given by a witness or deponent in a civil lawsuit. At a deposition hearing, lawyers will direct a series of questions. The interpreter’s job is to expresses lawyers’ questions and deponents or witnesses’ answers using consecutive interpretation techniques. Depositions are a part of the evidence discovery process in which litigants gather information in preparation for trial. At AHPLA you will have the support of qualified and experienced interpreters who will ensure you have the opportunity to get a complete out-of-court testimony. 

On-site interpretations

Although the new normal has meant a significant increase in remote communications, you still need to carry out specific activities in person. Our top-notch interpreters will assist you with in-person services for on-site training sessions, audits, interviews, meetings, and negotiations. 

When our interpreters are present on site to enable an interaction among people who speak different languages you have tremendous benefits. Our interpreters help you to interpret visual impressions. Moreover, our interpreters will communicating messages with the highest level of accuracy because they will perceive facial expressions and gestures.

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