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Our sucess story.

AHPLA INSTITUTE was founded in 1986 by José Luis Fonseca in Mexico. The foundation of AHPLA surged with the objective to provide an answer to the necessary business, government, and executive linguistic services of the country. Throughout the years, AHPLA has amplified the gamma of its services offered, as much as in the field of online language courses as in the areas of translation & interpretation services. Currently all the divisions of AHPLA include languages from every continent: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, to name a few.

The service that AHPLA offers to its clientele has also expanded geographically. We can find & employ AHPLA language services from every corner of the world. AHPLA is present in New York City, Mexico City, and Monterrey. In the United States, AHPLA has established an alliance with Cincilingua, in Cincinnati Ohio and ALS Translators, LLC in New York City

With the aim to offer a professional service in every area, beginning in 2005 AHPLA has integrated into its platform high technology service tools used for process control: these tools include the implementation of RESOLVE.

AHPLA’s online language courses include the use of Moodle. This robust web-based platform has been used successfully by countless schools, universities, not-for-profit organizations and companies to respond to their education and training needs. There are many private companies, large organizations and big brands using Moodle across every sector, with examples including:

In the world of translations AHPLA has implemented the used of several CAT Tools and CRM systems. Our interpretations include the use of state of the art technologies with brands such as Sennheiser, Sure, Williams, and Listen, among others.  

In the field in language interpretations, AHPLA has developed the infrastructure to provide first-class services using cutting edge technology and support of top-notch interpreters and technicians. 

With almost four decades of experience, AHPLA has consolidated its growth & professionalism as the leading institution in the field of online language communication solutions for business leaders, government officials, and professionals in the Americas and the world.


Mission, values and goal

Our mission is to contribute to our customers’ success through high-quality solutions in language communications. 

Our Core Values and Beliefs are as follows:

Personalized service


Growing and profitable business



Long-term commitment to clients

Satisfaction and enjoyment when doing our job

Our Goal:

AHPLA will continue to be the forerunner in online language communication services for business leaders, professionals, and governmental institutions.

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