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If you need a professional and reliable translator, you may rest assured AHPLA will provide you with the support your company and team require to guarantee your brand, systems, patents, policies, manuals, contracts, catalogues and presentations will be expressed with clarity, accuracy and the adequate linguistic finesse to your target audience. Bringing a reliable translation services provider into your expansion plans ensures you will have the support of team of professional translators, industry-expert linguists and full-time dedicated project managers who will convert your written information from one language to another with the highest quality in a timely manner.

From simple to highly specialized requests

Only AHPLA has a team of professional translators, linguists and project managers who will assist you from beginning to end to ensure the successful execution of your business plan. AHPLA provides translation services ranging from summary translations and low-cost machine translations edited by professionals who use cutting-edge language technology tools to highly specialized and certified translations that meet the highest level of accuracy following a rigorous multi-step quality assurance process to make sure you succeed by fulfilling the most demanding customer needs.

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After more than 38 years of experience in the language services industry, we have developed the systems, platforms, expertise, resources, modus operandi and infrastructure to guarantee you will receive the highest quality translation services.

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Document Translation

Since its foundation in 1986 and with a focus on addressing the language needs of highly demanding professionals and business leaders at corporations, multinational NGOs, and government organizations, AHPLA has been the leader in translation services offering an unparalleled service to meet your global challenges:

Translation services by industry

An AHPLA translator posseses a level of expertise that goes beyond just familiarity with their particular native language. AHPLA ensures that each and every request will be handled by a professional project manager with expertise in the discipline at hand. By contracting our translation services you will get access to thousands of language and subject-area specialists, including translators and language consultants with specialized degrees in fields such as:

Machine Translation revised by professionals

Multinational corporations need to manage enormous volumes of information in different languages across a dizzying array of platforms and channels. AHPLA’s dedicated language consultants will help you with the systematic use of machine translation technologies coordinated with the support of specialized translators who will proofread and optimize content of translated materials.

Translations supported by intelligent systems

As the leader in the translations industry, AHPLA utilizes the latest computer-assisted translation tools to ensure consistency of translated content while cutting costs and timelines for your benefit. Our translation tools will guarantee an effective management of your specialized terminology ensuring that your translated information has been expressed in a coherent, clear and accurate manner.

Translation Management Technology

AHPLA’s translation management technology includes the utilization of a robust platform developed specifically to streamline workflows and project management burdens in order to simplify the translation process. The benefits of our technology are consistent quality, client access to translated information, and expedited timelines which translate into significant savings and guaranteed turnaround times for our clients.

Confidential Information

Confidentiality and security are key to ensuring all your information will remain protected. AHPLA’s flexible and comprehensive management of data, profiles and rights in our systems guarantees the highest level of control and security when handling confidential information and data. Our systems, dedicated platforms and servers, internal code of ethics and confidentiality agreements allow us to work with sensitive information giving you the peace of mind you need. You may rest assured, your information is the safest possible hands.


Your website in your customers’ language

According to Common Sense Advisory 72% of consumers globally are more likely to buy a product if they have information in their own language. Having a translated website will increase your reach to more potential customers. Most people use their native language to perform searches. Moreover, localized website contents will enhance your customers’ trust which will derive from the use of distinctive linguistic and cultural expressions. By paying attention to details and showing respect for your customers you will be improving credibility of your brands, products and services.


Transcreation goes one step further than a typical translation. If you need a creative focus on topics such as publicity, marketing, ecommerce or art, transcreating allows you to adapt contents, convey emotions, feelings and generate an impact based on your target customers and their cultural context. 

Language related services:


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